Peoples’ Platform urges ‘NO’ vote in Turkey’s constitutional referendum

The Peoples’ Brotherhood Platform has called on Turkish voters in the TRNC to vote ‘no’ in the referendum for wide ranging constitutional amendments, which will be held on 16 April in Turkey.

Speaking at a press conference on Monday, Sener Elcil, general secretary of teaachers’ union KTOS, said that Turkey has been occupying Cyprus since 1974 and added: “The developments in Turkey do not only influence the northern part of the island, they concern the future of the entire island”.

Izzet Izcan, chairman of the BKP, said that fascism has risen from the dead in Turkey. “Fundamental rights and freedoms are being threatened. Our call on the voters living in this country is to vote ‘no’”, he added.

The following is the introduction to a statement issued by the platform:

The northern part of Cyprus was adopted as a subordinate by the Turkish authorities in a historical process. With the presence of subcontractors positioned to defend the interests of international powers, the Turkish authorities have imposed and implemented religious, ethnic, cultural and economic colonisation policies in the north of Cyprus. The Turkish Cypriots have not been at peace with these policies, and have been fighting against each other over the loss of being subjects in their own country.

Making up the platform are the following organisations:

  • United Cyprus Party (BKP)
  • New Cyprus Party (YKP)
  • Turkish Cypriot Primary School Teachers’ Trade Union (KTOS)
  • Solidarity
  • Pir Sultan Abdal Cultural Association
  • Revolutionary Communist Union
  • Eastern and Southeastern Cultural Association
  • Free Womens’ Academy
  • Nicosia-Kyrenia-Famagusta Students’ Initiative
  • Nicosia-Kyrenia Labourers’ Initiative
  • Refugees’ Rights Association
  • CAG-SEN trade union

Yeni Bakis

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