There is no Plan B for Cyprus solution: Anastasiades

There is no Plan B, President of the [South] Cyprus Republic Nicos Anastasiades has said, referring to the solution of the Cyprus problem and explaining that the framework of the solution already exists, the ‘National Herald’ a New York Greek language publication reports.

He also said that Turkey has so far failed to upgrade the status of the “self-styled illegal Turkish Cypriot regime in Cyprus’ northern part”.

In an interview with the New York Greek language daily ‘National Herald’, the President said Ankara has always held the key to the solution of the Cyprus problem, pointing out that “Turkey is not the only player on the chess board, but it is the main player.”

Since Cyprus joined the EU in 2004, Europe, the US and the international community have reaffirmed that a two-state solution is not an option, he said. “It is as simple as that,” he added.

The framework for a solution is there and its content must be agreed, he said, noting that opinions varied in the Turkish Cypriot community as far as the political settlement is concerned.

The President referred to a package of confidence building measures he has proposed at the UN-led peace talks, which resumed in February this year, saying this is a win-win scenario which will help all parties involved and give an impetus to the talks.

“It serves no purpose to revert to the past with a critical mind. The past can only teach us to help us shape the future,” he told the paper.

Asked to send his message on the 40th anniversary since the Turkish “invasion”, he said, “we have to avert, at any cost, the completion of this tragedy. The future of the country and of our children will be brighter and more hopeful if we manage to overcome the obstacles and abolish the dividing lines through a Federal Republic of Cyprus where the acquis communautaire will apply throughout the country.”

He also said he does not believe there is a single Cypriot who does not want to see the Cyprus problem settled. “We political leaders owe it to our country, we cannot disappoint our compatriots and History one more time,” he added.

“My primary concern is that we must not allow this division to become permanent,” he concluded.

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