Planning continues for racecourse in North Cyprus

As consultations on building a racecourse for North Cyprus continue, Prime Minister Ozkan Yorgancioglu met with Turkey’s Jockey Club President Serdar Adal who was invited to the TRNC by the TRNC Jockey Club, Bayrak Television reports.

During the meeting, Adal informed Yorgancioglu that he had been visiting the TRNC for the past two years and working on the TRNC racecourse project.

He said that they would do all they can to assist in the project and expressed the hope that the building phase would commence soon.

Yorgancioglu for his part noted that horse racing and horse breeding had achieved a certain amount of success in Turkey and added that he was very pleased to see that Turkey is sharing its experiences with sportsmen in the TRNC.

Noting that he is aware of the fact that the two countries are working together in order for the TRNC to build a racecourse, Yorgancioglu added that the government would do all that it could to assist the project in order for it to be realised.

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