Plans afoot to reopen Gemikonağı port

Minister of Public Works and Communications Kemal Durust, paid a visit to the Lefke region, on Tuesday. He said, inter alia, that his department is determined to take steps to reopen Gemikonağı port.

The port which lies in Guzelyurt bay, was used for processing and exporting copper but has been inactive since 1974.

Pointing out that re-opening the port will help to revitalise the local economy, Durust said that work towards this end has been initiated. “We are determined to protect Gemikonağı port. Imports and exports from this port will cost less”, Durust said.

Underlining that there is equal determination to make investments to develop the TRNC, Durust condemned the stance of the Greek Cypriot administration which has put obstacles in the way, on all international platforms to hinder development of the TRNC. He further argued that their allegations that enhancing the development of the TRNC will damage the solution process, will not stop them from making investments.

Haberal Kibrisli

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