Plans to Build Solar Power Plant in Nicosia

Nicosia Mayor - Mehmet Harmanci
[North Nicosia Mayor – Mehmet Harmancı]
North Nicosia Mayor, Mehmet Harmancı, has announced on social media that the tender process has begun to build a solar power plant at the Haspolat treatment plant with European Union funding, Kibris Postasi reports.

Mayor Harmancı, in a post on his social media account, announced that the tender process to build a solar power plant on the Haspolat treatment plant with the European Union fund has started, and that companies will bid for the tender until July 4th.

Harmancı underlined that they have taken a first step on behalf of local governments and said, “Many of our cities are struggling with infrastructure problems, we must thoroughly understand that a liveable future is not possible without a sustainable infrastructure“.

His full post reads as follows:

We are proud to announce the initiation of a significant step for local governments. The tender process has begun for constructing a solar power plant at the Haspolat treatment facility, funded by the European Union. Companies can submit their bids until July 4.

“Guided by the principle of sustainability in all our endeavours, we have launched another major project following extensive technical preparation. Many of our cities face infrastructure challenges, and it is essential to recognise that a liveable future hinges on sustainable infrastructure”.

Kibris Postasi

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