Plans to Widen Kyrenia Mountain Road

Lorry Accident Kyrenia-Degirmenlik mountain road

Saturday, 5 August 2023

The subject of an accident which occurred on Değirmenlik-Kyrenia mountain road where a woman driver was seriously injured continues to reverberate, Kibris Postasi reports. 

The woman was injured when her car was hit by an oncoming heavy lorry which veered across the central line on a bend and dragged her car for some distance.

Minister of Public Works and Transport Erhan Arıklı spoke to Kibris Postasi about the fact that the lorry driver, who was arrested, had arrived in the country on a “tourist visa”.

He noted the transport driver had entered the country legally, but had veered across the road and caused an accident.

According to international transport rules, a TIR and driver leaving another country can enter another country. There was a lane violation“, he said.

Road Widening Required on Mountain Road

Referring to the increase in traffic accidents on the Kyrenia mountain road, he said that the Traffic Commission would discuss the problem next week.

Arıklı  said that the road needed to be widened, however there were three obstacles to that project.

The pipes from the water reservoir supplying Değirmenlik-Minareliköy should be moved to a different location. The military there needs to give up some land; this is easy. The last problem is the expropriation of private property“.

Arıklı noted that a tender had been held in Turkey for work on the Kyrenia-Değirmenlik mountain road and that the company that won the tender was named ASELSAN.

Companies Demanding Use of Nicosia-Kyrenia Main Road

The transport minister also stated that there is a demand from companies to open the Nicosia-Kyrenia main road to trucks.

 “That road can carry 20-25 tonnes of weight, but we have determined that many heavy vehicles carry 30-35 tonnes of weight. We will make an agreement with ASELSAN, and with  cameras and a weighbridge system to be installed, it will be determined which truck carries how much weight“.

Kibris Postasi

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