PM Accuses Leftist Parties of Attempting Political Coup

Prime Minister Huseyin Ozgurgun submitted his government’s resignation to President Mustafa Akinci, on Friday morning. In turn, the president handed over a letter to Ozgurgun asking the National Unity Party (UBP) – Democratic Party (DP) outgoing government to remain on duty until a new coalition is established.

North Cyprus News - New CoalitionMeanwhile, Turkish Cypriot daily ‘Halkin Sesi’ reports that consultations to establish a four-party coalition government between the Republican Turkish Party (CTP), the People’s Party (HP), the Social Democracy Party (TDP) and the DP, have reached their final stage.

PM Ozgurgun lashed out at this attempt by the leftist parties to form a coalition. He argued that what the four parties want to do, in spite of the election results and the will of the people, was to attempt a political coup. “We consider it to be disrespectful of the efforts to create a coalition excluding the government (UBP), a party which has received the approval of the people”, he asserted. He added that the duty to establish a government should be assigned to the UBP because it it won the elections.

BRT, Halkin Sesi

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