PM Calls for Aid for Greek Fire Victims

North Cyprus News - Woman - Fire damagePrime Minister Tufan Erhurman has called for donations of nappies, soaps, shampoos, sanitary towels, all kinds of canned foods, dry legumes, pastas, sheets, pillows, painkillers, burn creams and adult clothing to aid those people in Greece affected by the fire which killed around 80 people and injured 187 others in Mati, Greece.

Anyone who can make a donation of the above-mentioned items should leave them at the headquarters of the Republican Turkish Party by 2pm on Friday, 27 July. The address is:

Şht. Salahi Şevket Sok. No: 99, Lefkoşa,

His statement is also reminded that the party headquarters are open from 9am to 5:30 pm and said “We are thanking our people for the solidarity they will show and wish the Greek people a speedy recovery.”


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