PM Erhurman Assesses Coalition’s Progress

Prime Minister Tufan Erhurman, evaluated his coalition government’s work over the past four and a half months.

North Cyprus News - ErhurmanSpeaking on Diyalog TV, Erhurman said that long-term planning is needed to solve existing problems and that it is not possible to solve problems which have existed for 50 years within 50 days. He argued that there has been no problem, to date, [for the future of the coalition government] and expressed his satisfaction with the performance of his ministers.

Referring to the gap between the students studying in private schools and those going to public schools, Erhurman noted that the fact that these children cannot share the same social environment could cause problems in the future and added: “If we do not cover this difference, there will be social inequality. We must put long term policies ahead of us”.

Regarding the tourism sector, Erhurman argued that a policy should be developed by which North Cyprus becomes a trade mark in tourism and not to lose income when Turkey’s tourism sector improves.

North Cyprus News - Petrol pumpReferring to when the Greek Cypriot side placed an embargo on purchasing fuel in North Cyprus, Erhurman noted that by adopting a regulation, they have tried to avoid price increases and described as “nonsensical” the reaction and the measures taken by the Greek Cypriot side when “even Greek Cypriots tried to purchase fuel from here”. He noted that they expect stabilisation of the foreign exchange rates after the elections in Turkey and added that if this does not happen, increases in the price of the fuel will come onto the agenda.

Recalling that on the one hand the government is very satisfied because the number of the students in their universities has reached 100,000, however, on the other hand, there are some problems deriving from this. Erhurman said that 100,000 students constitute one third of the population living in North Cyprus and that a problem exists when public transportation is as it is in North Cyprus. He also said that there has been an increase in crime, adding that there needs to a planned structure in place with which they will be able to assess future requirements.

Responding to viewers’ questions, Erhurman noted that they definitely want the establishment of a university in the Karpaz region and added:

“Within four and a half months, we have conducted two separate studies regarding the university issue here. In Dipkarpaz there is a project run by the American University of Kyrenia (GAU). In Yeni Erenköy there is a project being undertaken by Istanbul Technical University (ITU). When we came to power, we asked for these two projects to be launched. Population is needed in these areas to ensure the continuity of the economy. We want a centre in Yeni Iskele and a university in Yeni Erenköy or Dipkarpaz. GAU told us that it could commence education at the beginning of 2020. ITU stated that it is not considering investing any time soon and we postponed this. We do want a new university in the area”, the prime minister said.


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