PM Ozgurgun Accuses South of Selling Citizenship

Prime Minister and chairman of the National Unity Party (UBP), Huseyin Ozgurgun has accused the Greek Cypriots of selling citizenship rights while they are critical of the TRNC conferring citizenship on its own people.

Referred to the issues of his government granting new citizenships and distributing rural plots of land, which have been a matter of debate recently, he asserted that “behind the criticism on both issues, is the reaction of our Greek Cypriot brothers”.

Asserting that the Republic of Cyprus sells citizenships, Ozgurgun said: “The citizenships we give, however, are within the framework of certain criteria. Willingly or unwillingly, I also think that the rural plots of land which we give are among ‘those left to the south’ in that famous map, which we have submitted [at the Cyprus Conference] in CransMontana and I, as the prime minister of the country, have not seen yet”.

Referring to the elections to be held on 7 January, 2018, Ozgurgun stated that he will resign if the UBP does not win and did not exclude cooperation with any other party after the elections. He also said that should he remain as prime minister, he will not become candidate for the presidential elections which will be held in two years time (in 2020).

Kibris Postasi

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