PM Ozgurgun gives conference at Istanbul Aydin Uni

Prime Minister Huseyin Ozgurgun gave a conference on the Cyprus problem at the Istanbul Aydin University and noted the importance of today’s youth being well informed on this issue.

Answering a question regarding the latest phase reached in the Cyprus talks, the Prime Minister pointed to the Greek Cypriot parliament’s decision to celebrate Enosis in schools throughout South Cyprus.

Enosis brought disaster to Cyprus. Thousands of people died and led to people going missing on the island. It is this event that led to blood in Cyprus and where Cyprus is today” the Prime Minister said.

Explaining that Enosis means the island’s annexation with Greece, Ozgurgun said that celebrating this would mean that even after so many deaths and disasters, no lessons were learnt from the past.

He said the Turkish Cypriot side and motherland Turkey have withdrawn from the talks because of the decision to celebrate Enosis Day by the Greek Cypriot side.

“Parliament represents the will of the Greek Cypriot people and that parliament decided that they want to celebrate Enosis in schools, teach the young generation to celebrate it. In a situation like this it is not possible to continue with the talks,” said Ozgurgun.

Noting that the Cyprus cause was being undertaken together with Turkey, the PM said that “in Cyprus this are the steps we have taken. If the decision is withdrawn we will return to the talks. If not, what’s going to happen? Well the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus will continue on its path and we have the power to do this. The motherland is with us on this.

Ozgurgun said that the Turkish Cypriot side always says that the more powerful Turkey is, the more powerful is the TRNC.

The point we have reached today clearly shows that the TRNC with its establishment, its structure, democracy and with all of its institutions is a state, a real state, so from now on the Greek Cypriot side should think about what it’s going to do,” said the Premier.

Explaining that during his term as Foreign Minister he had given many conferences throughout Turkey, the Prime Minister said that he will continue to explain and inform the people about the Cyprus problem at every opportunity.


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