PM Ozgurgun will attend Geneva conference

Prime Minister Huseyin Ozgurgun has announced that he will attend the Cyprus Summit in Geneva.

He said that Turkish President Erdogan had shown great interest in the Cyprus issue since he came to power in 2002 and has made crucial statements on the issue.

Ozgurgun said that if the Greek Cypriot side had understood these statements then, by now, a solution to the Cyprus problem could have been found.

Underlining the fact that there will be no compromise on the Guzelyurt issue and that the government’s stance on this subject was very clear, the PM said that President Erdogan and President Akinci’s stance on this issue were also very clear.

He underlined that it was out of question to give up the coastlines and the Guzelyurt area.

President Akinci said that there would be some rearrangements on territory but this too is a radical step. The Greek Cypriots will also have to take similar steps. If the Greek Cypriots take reciprocal steps, only then can a framework emerge.” said Ozgurgun.

Explaining that more than 80 percent of the Turkish Cypriots have concerns about the security issue, Prime Minister Ozgurgun gave Syria as an example and said that people were more aware of the problems now and that President Akinci was also aware of this fact.

Reiterating the need for the Greek Cypriot side to make similar concessions, the Prime Minister said “at the end of the day, Turkey has accepted to discuss this issue and that in itself is a step”.

Referring to the upcoming Cyprus summit in Geneva, Ozgurgun said that he would be representing the National Unity Party (UBP) in Geneva and that deputy Prime Minister Finance Minister Serdar Denktaş would also be taking part in the talks.

Although we have concerns that the government will be left without its leaders, we will take steps to overcome this problem during that time,” Ozgurgun said.


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