PM Promises To Publish Teknecik Fuel Test Results

North Cyprus News - Kib-Tek Power Station
[Teknecik Power Station]
Prime Minister Ersan Saner has appointed an inspection board to oversee development and fuel quality testing at the Teknecik power plant.
He promised that whatever the outcome of the tests are, the result would be shared with the public and the necessary steps would be taken.

The prime minister made the following statement:
As the state, we are experiencing problems in the production, transfer and sale of energy in general, especially Cyprus Turkish Electricity Authority, due to the investments that should have to been made to date, but delayed due to various problems, the decisions that should have been taken but not taken regarding KIB-TEK, and the effects of developments in the world.
“The energy problem of the TRNC and its future will be discussed as soon as possible, and solutions that will benefit us in the short, medium and long term and will eliminate our problems, will be produced.
“As for the current situation; The Prime Ministry Inspection Institution has been assigned by me to inspect all developments and fuel quality regarding fuel purchases for Teknecik Power Plant.
“Whatever happens, the result will be shared with the public and the necessary action will be taken”.


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