PM Puts Positive Spin on Economic Conditions

Cyprus News - Prime Minister - Ersin Tatar
Prime Minister – Ersin Tatar

Prime Minister Ersin Tatar in an interview on television repeated his previous statement that according to data submitted to him by scientists, the coronavirus outbreak had been brought under control. in the TRNC, but they must not be complacent. He said that the relaxation of restrictions both abroad and at home will be done gradually in the light of the scientists’ proposals.

Asked how the gears of the state economy will start to move , Tatar said:

“This month, the state has raised around $ 200 million. The information I have received is this. We have hit rock bottom. I believe that with good management to prevent the spread of the epidemic, the gears of the economy will begin to operate after a few months with the contribution of the promising environment in which we find ourselves. It will take time, but we will be able to recover. I think we will be able to manage this case and make the ship float with a little help, a small loan and creating resources. I was never pessimistic. We said we would fix the health issue first and we did. Now it’s the economy’s turn.

“There is a 1 billion TL loan package. In addition, there is talk of loans from the development bank. When we look at the capabilities of the state, the state meets its obligations. And we are securing the flow of resources into private companies with the possibility of borrowing. In the next period we will come to the point we want depending on the movement of the market. Besides, I can’t say that we will give everyone that amount, because we don’t have that opportunity. Even in the eurozone there is a serious quarrel. Italy, France are demanding money from the centre. Germany is resisting paying out […]”.

Asked why the money expected from Turkey has not yet arrived, Tatar said:

“Our relations with Turkey are very good, but the talks between the delegations are taking time. This has happened before. We are still affected by the process of installing the new system in Turkey. I believe that an agreement will be reached. I have some expectations. In the last three weeks I have had two conversations with President Recep Tayyip Erdogan. I am constantly talking to Vice President Fuat Oktay. Detailed work is ongoing and is being monitored by colleagues. We are trying to manage our actions here with our own resources”.

Kibris Gazetesi

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