PM Slams Greek Cypriot Archbishop

Prime Minister Hüseyin Özgürgün has strongly reacted to remarks made by the Greek Cypriot Archbishop Chrisostomos II claiming that Turkish Cypriots were Greek Cypriots who had been converted to Islam.

In a written statement, the Prime Minister said that the Greek Cypriot Archbishop had stepped out of line with his remarks and to make such a claim was shameless and disrespectful.

He stated that the Greek Cypriot Church which throughout history was the architect and financier of all kinds of hostile acts and statements made against Turkish Cypriots and its head Archbishop Chrisostomos continued their disrespectful stance towards the Turkish Cypriot people.

Özgürgün said that Chrisostomos was out of line with his degrading statements when addressing a group of young Greek Cypriots earlier this week.

Even though the Greek Cypriot Archbishop was the target of AKEL’s fake reaction to his statements in support of a two state solution within the European framework which would include ending Turkey’s guarantees, the return of all Greek Cypriot refugees and the cutting of all ties with Turkey, his statements to the students he was addressing are nothing more than a fairy tale”, he said.

Özgürgün said that it was insulting, disrespectful and shameless to say that Turkish Cypriots whose roots, history and origin were well known were Greek Cypriots who had been converted to Islam.


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