PM Will Declare Assets if Re-elected

Following demands that Prime Minister Huseyin declare his personal assets or stand down from the elections, Speaker of the Assembly Sibel Siber, has said that should the prime minister be elected to the new assembly on 7 January, 2018, he will be obliged to declare his assets and income within the period of time provided for by the law.

Commenting on statements by opposition parties asking Ozgurgun to declare his assets, Siber noted that in case there is a significant change in their assets, deputies are obliged to declare this to the presidency of the assembly within one month and added that Ozgurgun will be able to declare his assets after the forthcoming elections.

She also said that Ozgurgun had declared his property after the elections held on 28 July 2013 and had made no other declaration because his term of duty has not ended yet and therefore it is not possible to make any comparisons [as regards the value of his assets then and his assets now].


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