Poet donates 8,000TL to SOS Children’s Village

Hüsniye Emel Özer  presented a cheque of 8,000TL to SOS Children’s Village. The donation was the collected proceeds from the sale of her poetry book “Nergiz Kokuludur Sevgim” (My Love Smells of Marigold), which she released with the support of sponsors Foto Olgun and Packsel.

She also donated 150 books to SOS Children’s Village to sell.

Ms Özer herself raised 8000TL through the sale of her books and visited SOS Children’s Village on the 10th of October. Accepting the donation on behalf of SOS Children’s Village were National Director Refika Ince and Children’s Village Manager Ahmet Akarsu, who presented Ms Özer with a certificate of appreciation.

Born in the Famagusta village of Nergisli, Ms Özer shares the poems she published in the Child Magazine in 1954.

She split the sales proceeds of the books between SOS Children’s Village and Protection of Living Without Disability Association.

The books are still available to buy at SOS Children’s Village for 20TL. They can also be ordered by calling 225 70 17 or e-mailing info@soscocukkoyu.org.

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