Police co-operation across the border

Ahmet Es, who had settled in the south and was wanted for crimes in the TRNC was handed over by the Greek Cypriot police at the Lokmaci border crossing yesterday.

Although North and South Cyprus do not recognise each other politically, there is a degree of co-operation between their respective police forces.

For example, there is the case of Ahmet Sen who arrived in the TRNC from Turkey in 1997. He lived in the TRNC until 2009 with a work permit. From then on he lived in the TRNC illegally. However, having been accused of threatening behaviour with violence, traffic offences and avoiding debt repayments he crossed over to South Cyprus. There, he asked the Greek authorities to return him to Turkey. Instead he was handed over to TRNC police at the border.

Mr Es was in Nicosia Court yesterday where he was ordered to be detained until his court hearing.

Police testified during the court hearing that Mr Es crossed over to the South illegally on March 5th. He had unlawfully crossed prohibited military land to make his exit.

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