Police Corruption Alleged

A police officer who used to work out of Alaykoy police station has been charged with corruption along with four accomplices.

Namik Ceylanguden is charged with falsely reporting a so called traffic accident between two cars on 10th March. He reported the accident happened at 5.40am on the Alaykoy-Yilmazkoy road.

Mr Ceylanguden was in Nicosia court with his accomplices yesterday. There, the police testified that Mr Ceylanguden went to the scene of the incident and came back to the police station and wrote up the incident as a traffic accident.

However Nicosia police were informed that this was not the case and after investigations, proved that this was a fabrication. The investigations showed that both vehicles involved had been in accidents before and the ‘crash’ was staged as a means of making money.

Police sergeant Osman Ulman said that the investigations were fairly new and it was suspected that the gang had worked similar crimes before.

All of the accused were ordered to be detained for three days while the police conclude their investigations.

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