Police Crack Down on Vehicle Safety

Police have been been checking vehicles under a new programme for safety, permits to operate and operating safe vehicles on the road.

The Police General Directorate, the Labour Office, the Ministry of Public Works and Transport and the Traffic Authority are stepping up efforts to weed out illegal workers, those operating without permits and ensuring that private and commercial vehicles are safe to use on the roads.

Out of a total of 235 vehicles inspected in five districts, 26 were in breach of the law. According to the statement made by the Police Press Officer, permits, work and residence permits of the drivers / employees are controlled by the stakeholder groups, as well as the documents for passenger transportation vehicles and trucks / vans etc. that are stopped by the police during the inspections.

The inspections also included vehicle drivers and passengers stopped by the police by other authorities to ensure that work, residence and immigration permits, social insurance payments, business permits, etc. were in order.

The police statement said that inspections will continue on weekdays and weekends in the coming days, in accordance with the new programme.

Breaches of the law reported by the police were as follows:

Unauthorised use of a vehicle, use of a vehicle with worn tyre(s), excessive passenger numbers, license plate, displaying the wrong type of plate and failing to operate a meter while taxiing passengers.

Kibris News Agency

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