Police Fire Shots Injuring Two Syrian Refugees

North Cyprus News - Syrian Refugees - Yayla - GuzelyurtTwo of the Syrian refugees who arrived in a group of 30 in Güzelyurt Bay yesterday were injured after police fired warning shots, it has been reported.

The two were taken to Burhan Nalbantoğlu State Hospital in Nicosia, where Chief Physician Dr Adil Özyılkan said that they had received slight injuries.

The police issued a statement saying that it had not been their intention to harm the refugees and that warning shots had been fired because two of the refugees had tried to escape.

An investigation into the event continues.

This morning Turkish Cypriot daily ‘Yeniduzen’ reports that organisations in North Cyprus issued a statement regarding the 30 Syrian refugees.

Their statement said that, “Claiming asylum is a basic right. Asylum-seekers and refugees should be allowed to enter the country and their international protection needs should be assessed. It is still a shame that there is still no asylum mechanism in our country to offer protection under international law.

 The joint statement made by the Turkish Cypriot Bar Association (KTBB), the Turkish Cypriot Human Rights Foundation (KTİHV), the Cyprus Association, the Refugee Rights Association (MHD) and the Human Rights Committee went on to say:

Let’s not forget those who had to leave their homes because of wars and persecution during these difficult times. This morning, we would like to share with the public our concerns about the 30 Syrian refugees, including women and children, who arrived offshore Yayla village in Güzelyurt, and remind the authorities once again of their responsibilities.

First of all, we remind you that the war that has been going on for nine years in Syria has had a devastating effect on the Syrian people and that refugees are people who escape wars and persecution and have no choice but to escape. Claiming asylum and benefiting from asylum is a fundamental right. Asylum-seekers and refugees should be allowed to enter the country and their protection needs should be assessed. It is still a shame in our country that there is still no asylum mechanism to assess their need for protection.

“The person’s freedom and security rights are basic human rights. Since requesting asylum is not illegal, detention of asylum-seekers should be avoided and this should be the last measure to be taken. The detention of children should never take place, since this is never in the best interests of the child.

“In the event of detention, it must be safe and worthy of humanity and human dignity……

“According to the information obtained from the press, two of the people were injured as a result of the police opening fire and their treatment continues at the Nicosia Burhan Nalbantoğlu Hospital. According to the brief statement made by the police, people’s non-compliance with the “stop order” is presented as a legitimate reason for the violence used. Police Organization (Establishment, Duties and Powers) Act art. 86 and art 87.

“ It is possible for the police to shoot at a person under article 87, provided that this is seen as a last resort for the arrest of persons. In the light of the principle of proportional response by the police against people who are unarmed, they should use force only according to the degree of resistance. The force used should always be absolutely necessary in the given conditions and conditions. In the light of this legal framework, those who were unarmed, did not understand the language and therefore did not understand the stop warning”.


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