Police Insurance scam trial continues

Police investigation into this fraud is now spreading to other areas of the TRNC.

Police Sergeant Namik Ceylanguden, along with 4 accomplices is charged with falsifying police reports to show traffic accidents that never occurred. Insurance money was then claimed and shared within the group which includes garage owners who claimed to have ‘repaired’ the cars.

Since then two other police sergeants, Mehmet Borucu and Serdar Denk, have also been charged with similar offences.

Police investigations have now widened as they suspect that this is just the tip of the iceberg. Inquiries at Kyrenia police station have already revealed that a BMW has been involved in 3 ‘accidents’ in a month. Also the same people were involved in all 3 accidents. The ‘repairs’ were carried out at Guney garage in Karaoglanoglu.

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