Police insurance scam widespread:Updates

An insurance scam was initially exposed last week when it was found that police sergeant Namik Ceylangunden had been reporting fake traffic accidents. He had been working with 4 other accomplices including a garage owner to defraud insurance companies.

A few days after, two more police sergeants were also charged with related fraud violations and police investigations widened to include Nicosia and Kyrenia police departments. Police General Manager,  Ahmet Zaim is heading up the team of investigators.

Yesterday there were two more suspects added to the gang.

Serkan Temiz had earlier testified to police that he had been called to clean up after the traffic accident that never happened by police sergeant Namik Ceylangunden .

He has now appeared in court, and is accused of falsifying his statement.

Mr Temiz who works as a nightclub bouncer and is a Turkish and TRNC national was bailed awaiting his court appearance. His travel documents were confiscated.

Another police officer, Mete Erdinc from Lapta police station appeared in court. Police stated that he had been investigated, following testimony from the people already charged and after traffic reports written up by him had been analysed. Mr Erdinc had initially denied the charges but in the face of the evidence collected against him, admitted his guilt and volunteered a statement. His statement apparently implicates another police officer at Nicosia police station and this is being investigated.

A police Special Unit team looking into this growing fraud case have said that they will now be looking into all traffic accident reports in the TRNC.


Today the manager of Umbrella Insurance, Tayfun Guclu was arrested and appeared in court. Umbrella Insurance is part of the Iktisatbank group.

It is claimed that so far the police investigation unit have uncovered 9 fake traffic accident reports and that TL 192,000 has been claimed from insurance.

Mr Guclu has been linked to Ibrahim Guney, the owner of Guney garage. It is claimed that these two conspired to defraud Umbrella Insurance of TL 58,000, the proceeds of which they shared equally.


Yesterday two more suspects were added to the gang. Mehmet Onal and Ozhan Ozdemir have both been arrested and charged with giving false information to the police.

Mr Ozdemir worked as a paint sprayer at Guney Garage, which is owned by Ismail Guney a principal gang member. Mr Guney is the uncle of Mr Onay.

Both of these men were at Kyrenia criminal Court yesterday and were detained for two days while police investigations continue.

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