Police log 935 Traffic Offences in One Week

Between 27 November and 3 December in the TRNC, police logged 935 people as having committed various traffic offences during weekly routine traffic checks conducted by the police throughout the country.

Of the vehicle drivers who were booked, 220 were driving over the speed limit, 5 dangerous driving, 28 driving without due care and attention, 77 veering off the road, 64 were unqualified, 55 were uninsured, 32 over the alcoholic limit, 3 for using an unauthorised vehicle for private business.

115 driving while using a mobile phone, 85 failed to obey traffic signals and signs, 18 did not obey traffic lights, while driving vehicles of more than 2 tonnes or transporting a hazardous load, 2 motorcyclists failing to wear protective helmets, while 230 were reported for other traffic offences.

Kibris News Agency

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