Police Probe Reveals Pharmaceutical Scam

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A massive healthcare scam at customs between 2022-2023 has been exposed through an ongoing investigation, Kibris Postasi reported.

 Ediz Kanatlı, President of Güç-Sen, revealed that invoices and products undergo scrutiny by the Drug and Pharmacy Department before clearance, while Özlem Keskinoğlu, Director of the same department, has refrained from commenting.

Following allegations by Serdinç Maypa, who is known for his publications on social media, who has also been arrested on charges of “invading privacy” but released on bail, progress has been made in the police investigation. Adnan Altındağ and Alper Şener Deniz were arrested for clearing medical products with fake invoices, bought from Turkey at a fraction of their value. Both were released on bail.

In the course of the police investigation launched on March 29, 2024, it came to light that Adnan Altındağ, the proprietor of Zerberg Healthcare Trd. Ltd., admitted to acquiring medical goods valued at 3,371,000 TL through customs for a mere 353,000 TL using 14 counterfeit invoices attributed to Azin Danışmanlık Mimarlık Medical Tic. Şti. from Turkey. Altındağ was discovered to have subsequently sold these pharmaceuticals in the local market at prices matching those he initially procured from Turkey, supplying both the Ministry of Health and private companies.

Concurrently, during the probe into Altındağ’s activities, Alper Şener Deniz, the manager of Kalden Ticaret Ltd., a business found to have ties to the matter, was also apprehended. It transpired that Deniz confessed to acquiring medical supplies worth 270,000 TL from Turkey for only 15,000 TL upon clearance through customs, utilising two falsified invoices under the guise of Azin Danışmanlık Mimarlık Medical.

Deniz, associated with the case, was also detained for similar actions. Despite the ongoing investigation, both suspects were released pending further legal proceedings.

Kibris Postasi

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