Police raid nightclub

Sexy Lady Club in Alaykoy was raided by police last night. There they found various weapons in the manager’s office. These included live rounds, 5 knives, a sword and an electric Taser. The manager has been arrested.

Again yesterday, police raided a house in Bogazkoy and found 3 grams of synthetic cannabis, a pistol with live bullets and a pepper spray can. Three people have been arrested.

Update: It now appears that two clubs were raided and many weapons were found, including knives, swords, guns and live ammunition. The weapons were discovered at the nightclubs as well as the homes of employees.

Metin Turunc, the manager of the clubs was discovered with a pistol and ammunition at his home. Security staff at his clubs were also found to have weapons on them and in their cars.

In total one woman and thirteen men were arrested and were at Kyrenia criminal Court yesterday. Judge Serife Kir ordered that they all be held for three days while police continue their investigations.

Police are particularly keen to discover how the weapons were smuggled into the country.

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