Police Vetting EL-SEN Employees at the Gates

EL-SEN General Secretary - Ahmet Tuğcu
[EL-SEN General Secretary – Ahmet Tuğcu]
Friday, 21 July 2023 

KIB-TEK employees are being met at the gates by police outside all substations and at the Teknecik entry gate, the General-Secretary of EL-SEN has said, Yeniduzen reports.

Ahmet Tuğcu, General Secretary of the Electricity Authority Employees’ Union (EL-SEN) stated the following: “KIB-TEK personnel are being treated as a terrorist organisation 

Unless the police are withdrawn, malfunctions in switchyards and transformer rooms in all regions will not be repaired”.

Following the instructions of KIB-TEK General Manager Dalman Aydın, KIB-TEK employees in switchyards, transformer rooms and Teknecik encountered police obstruction when they went to repair faults. KIB-TEK personnel are treated as a terrorist organisation. Unless this practice is terminated, KIB-TEK personnel will not repair faults in switchyards and transformer rooms”.


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