Politicians from both sides inspect Derinya border crossing

Representatives of political parties from the north and the south of the island who attend the round table meetings organised by the Slovakian Embassy paid a visit to the Derinya crossing point yesterday.

The party representatives carried out inspections on the south side of the border crossing and received information from the Mayor of Derinya Andros Karayiannis regarding the road works taking place.

While road works have been completed on the north side of the crossing point, work is progressing slower on the south side of the crossing point.

Alongside the Slovakian Ambassador to Lefkoşa Oksana Tomova, representatives from the Republican Turkish Party, Social Democratic Party, New Cyprus Party and the Cyprus Socialists Party from the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus took part in the inspection.

Representatives from DIKO, AKEL, DISY, EDEK and United Democrats from South Cyprus also took part in the visit.

Speaking after the inspection the Derinya Mayor Andros Karayiannis said he was pleased that the political party representatives visited the area and thanked the Slovakian ambassador for the initiative she had taken.

Slovakian Ambassador Oksana Tomova for her part expressed the hope that the visit will contribute to the efforts of the political parties who are working so that cooperation, trust and peace can be further strengthened between the two peoples on the island.

She also drew attention to the fact that the opening of more crossing points opening was the most important confidence building measure taken by the two leaders on the island.

Mağusa Initiative activist Okan Dağlı for his part said that work at the Derinya crossing border has yet to be completed despite the fact that work has been continuing for 2 years.

He added that he was very disappointed to see that nothing had been done in the buffer zone which is under the control of the UN.

Dağlı also said that it was clear that the work in the area wouldn’t be completed any time soon.

The political party representatives will carry out a similar visit to the Lefke-Aplıç crossing point on the 3rd of May.


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