Poll shows snap election would result in another coalition government

In two sessions of face-to-face opinion polls with the participation of 2,100 persons by Turkish Cypriot daily ‘Detay’, respondents were asked “which party would you vote for if the elections were to be held this Sunday?” The results showed that again, there would be a coalition government. The turnout in the elections would only be 63.3%.

The distribution of the votes would be as follows according to surveys conducted in February and April 2017:


UBP  National Unity Party    Feb 36.1       April  37.95

CTP   Republican Turkish Party   19.8                  20.85

HP    People’s Party                          16.9                  13.95

TDP Social Democracy  Party          9.4                  10.95

DP Democratic Party                        8.9                    7.65

YDP Revival Party                             3.3                     3.85

BKP United Cyprus Party                 1.9                     1.95

YKP New Cyprus Party                     1.6                      1.65

TKPYG*                                               1.3                       1.20

(*Communal Liberation Party – New Forces )

According to the survey, only five political parties would be able to pass the 5% threshold and enter parliament. The seats in parliament would be distributed as follows:

UBP: 22

CTP: 11

HP:   8

TDP: 6

DP:   3


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