Polls Reflect Voter Apathy

Voters have become apathetic ahead of the TRNC general elections. More attention has been focused on the divorce of the incumbent prime minister then the sorely needed reforms in the social and economic infrastructure of the country, writes Turkish Cypriot journalist Yusuf Kanli for Turkish daily ‘Hurriyet’.

Recent opinion polls have illustrated public frustration with TRNC politics and its politicians. There are unaddressed issues such as education and schools becoming the prey of greedy private organisations. The tourism industry is held hostage to the casino industry, he writes.

The people in the streets are silent regarding the elections and a televised debate between political party leaders drew very little attention, says Kanli.

Why are locals disillusioned with their political leaders? It is because of the empty slogans and unfulfilled promises, he says.

It is likely that given the current atmosphere, there will be low voter turn out or there will be surprise results at the election, Kanli believes.

The election atmosphere resemble that of Turkey in 2001, he concludes.


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