Pollution disaster at Teknecik

Teknecik electricity generating plant sent out huge plumes of black smoke from its chimney yesterday, alarming nearby residents.

Black clouds of smoke spread all the way from Kyrenia to Essentepe.

The incident started at 1pm when a cable leading to the fuel-air adjusting system failed.

Repairs could not be made and so the plant was shut down, leaving large areas in the region without electricity for around four hours.

The cable was eventually repaired.

Head of the Greenpeace Movement, Dogan Sahir, said that Teknecik uses fuel with a high sulphur content and this is above environmental safety standards.

In addition there is no filter on the Teknecik chimney as this was considered too expensive to install by the last UBP government. This means that high sulphur content pollution is spread around the region in the form of ash or gas.

There have been many suggestions to  either modernise the plant at Teknecik or replace it with new technology such as solar collectors.

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