Population movement could affect bi-zonal nature of new Cypriot state

Kudret Ozersay, chairman of the People’s Party (HP), has said that the agreements reached at the negotiations on the issues of population and of residence are worse than the Annan Plan.

Ozersay issued a written statement saying that the agreements give the de facto right to the Greek Cypriots to residence in the Turkish Cypriot founding state and argued that in this case, neither community has a “clear majority” in its own region. “Where is the bi-zonality then?”, Ozersay asked and noted the following:

If, when an agreement is reached, you allow 44,000 Greek Cypriots to build their homes in the north and give them the right to elect and to be elected without providing a transitional period, and even if you allow more Greek Cypriots than Turkish Cypriots to come and stay in the north without limitations, then where is bi-zonality?”, he asked.

He also argued that care must be taken at the Cyprus Summit in Geneva to guard against problems that may arise on this point.

Kibris Postasi


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