Population of North Cyprus is Unknown

Minister for the Interior Ayşegül Baybars has said that she does not know the exact population numbers in North Cyprus.

North Cyprus News - Ayşegül-Baybars
Interior Minister – Aysegul Baybars

To tell the truth, I am ashamed when I talk about this issue”, she admitted yesterday on Genc TV. She added:

The people who enter into the country should be registered. Otherwise Mr Denktas [Minister of Finance] will come out and say 800 thousand and someone else will come out and say something else”.

North Cyprus News - Strike at Ercan Airport - Passengers
Passengers – Ercan Airport

Pointing out the importance of shaping a policy on the issue of population, Baybars argued that this was not possible within a year, because “the problem was that there were many unregistered persons when we came into government”. She also said:

A registration system should be created in order to be able to talk about the population. At the moment there are 53 thousand registered students. There are 7-8 thousand employees with a work permit and persons accompanying their spouse. We have started building the registration mechanism”.


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