Positive steps needed to solve the Cyprus problem: says Izcan

The General Secretary of United Cyprus Party (BKP) Izzet Izcan, in a written statement, evaluated the talks on the Cyprus problem during the meeting between Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan and his Greek counterpart Antonis Samaras. Izcan said that it is not enough for both leaders to say that they want solution to the Cyprus problem, but there is a need to take concrete steps towards a solution to the Cyprus problem.

He referred to Turkish Prime Minister Erdogan’s words which were: “We, as a guarantor country, are responsible for a solution. Let’s bury Cyprus problem in history”.

Izcan said that, “Erdogan should take the concrete steps. In order to fulfil the duty of being a guarantor power, he should as soon as possible start to withdraw the troops within a timetable, stop the population transfer, the systematic assimilation policies, the separatist policies and contribute in a sincere way to an early solution“.

Commenting on the process of the Cyprus talks, Izcan said that the talks should be launched as soon as possible. He added that it is a condition that the negotiations are launched from the point where they stopped and to show respect for the topics upon which agreement has already been reached.

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