Potato Harvest Affected by Drought

Chairman of the Potato Producers’ Union Ahmet Yesilada, has said that 300-500 tons of potatoes will be exported to South Cyprus under the Green Line Regulation supervised by EU experts who will arrived on the island next week.

North Cyprus News - PotatoesYesilada explained that a total of 700 tons of potatoes were exported South Cyprus last autumn under EU supervision, stressing that this amount cannot possibly affect the production of potatoes in the south. [Potato farmers in the south have complained that importing potatoes from North Cyprus has a negative impact on sales of their own produce.]

Yesilada further said that due to the dry weather on the island this year, the potato harvest was below the record.

Noting that, regularly, a total of 20 tons of potatoes are obtained from the harvest, which is held twice a year, Yesilada added that from this amount, approximately one thousand tons is being consumed every month in the domestic market, 100 tons are being exported to Turkey and the rest is being exported to South Cyprus upon request.


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