Power Cuts And Water Rationing Hit Students

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The second stage of the College Entrance Exams took place today. Amid the ongoing water shortages in North Cyprus, prolonged power outages continued in many areas last night as temperatures rise, Yeniduzen reports.

In these days of higher-than-normal temperatures, citizens were left without electricity, significantly affecting many children who were preparing for the exam. All this despite assurances that there would be no more power outages following a boiler explosion at a Kib-Tek plant.

Parents waiting at the school gate for their children spoke to Yeniduzen, expressing their frustration: “Thank you very much for making us relive the past 50 years. While everyone else is exploring space, we are struggling with basic electricity issues”.

These parents emphasised that their children have been preparing for this exam for two years, and it is heartbreaking that their futures could be impacted due to the government’s irresponsibility. They stressed the urgent need for a solution to these problems.

One parent noted that the issues extend beyond just electricity and water, highlighting deficiencies in many areas, including education. “There is a need for determination to solve these issues as well“, the parent remarked.

Another parent said: “I am here as a parent of a student taking the exam today. Last evening, our brother Ünal [Prime Minister Ustel] wished our children success. While offering his best wishes, he either overlooked the challenges we face, forgot about them, or simply didn’t care enough to address them. These children have an important exam this morning, yet we had to fetch water from two neighbourhoods away so they could wash their faces. We went four streets down to use someone else’s toilet. Despite needing to wake up at 7.30am, they have been up since 5.30am just to meet their basic needs. They are competing to get into the best schools in the country under these conditions. My child cannot attend Geçitkale Cumhuriyet High School because the school lacks a building. Without a proper facility, they are here, striving to stand out among hundreds of other children to study in a school with adequate infrastructure”.


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