EL-SEN power cuts may cause sewage hazard

Yesterday EL-SEN disconnected the electricity supply to the sewage pumping stations in Famagusta and Guzelyurt. This was because of large unpaid electricity bills.

The mayors of Famagusta and Guzelyurt both complained loudly that any disruption to power would mean that waste water would be flowing in the streets and cause health hazards to the locals.

Since then, the pumping stations have been using generators to keep going but there are obvious concerns as to how long this situation can last.

Guzelyurt Mayor, Mahmut Ozcinar, said that if his pumping station was not reconnected during the weekend, he would be going to court on Monday morning to apply for an injunction on the grounds of public health hazards.

Famagusta Mayor, Oktay Kayalp, said that despite instructions from the Prime Minister, his electricity had not been reconnected. He said that it was difficult to find someone in government to discuss the issue with and that the government had lost its authority.

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