Power Cuts Will Increase to Two Hours Countrywide

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Monday, 4 July 2022

Kib-Tek has announced that intermittent power cuts across the country will increase from one hour to two hours in duration, Yeniduzen reported.

According to Kib-Tek deputy General Manager Kamil Direl, the power cuts were because of a shortage of fuel. Power cuts experienced last night were because private Turkish company AKSA’s generators were being serviced.

Direl said that electricity demand has increased, and that AKSA had reached the point where it produces more than state-run Kib-Tek, that’s why the company’s generators were serviced last night and there was an outage.

 There was a great deal of outrage expressed on social media about the unannounced power cuts last night, Yeniduzen writes. 

Power Cuts to Continue Until Fuel Arrives in 3-5 Days

Direl noted that the Council of Ministers issued a Decree with the force of law regarding the supply of fuel, and that the fuel is expected to arrive in the country within three to five days time.

The Council of Ministers has published in the Official Gazette a “decree with the force of law regarding the non-implementation of the rules of public procurement law for a period of six months in fuel purchases (fuel oil and maritime transport) to be made by KIB-TEK”.

The decree stated that “the fuel to be supplied could not be found despite the demand“.

In a separate article published by Kibris Postasi, the head of the People’s Party (HP) Kudret Özersay said that he would take the government to court because the fuel tender had been deliberately delayed, thus leading to an increase in fuel purchase costs.

Yeniduzen, Kibris Postasi

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