Pre-election poll shows UBP still ahead

The results of the survey conducted in the TRNC by the Gezici Research Company between 7-9 October, 2017 with the participation of 3,641 persons, have been published in the local press.

Turkish Cypriot daily Kibris reports that Murat Gezici, owner of the company, evaluating the results of the survey, said that compared to a survey held by Gezici in May, the National Unity Party (UBP) managed to pull itself together. He explained that UBP started to make good use of its strong organisational structure as well as its governmental potential. He added that the Republican Turkish Party (CTP) has also started to recover, in spite of the fact that it is far from its power in the previous elections.

Prime Minister Huseyin Ozgurgun’s National Unity Party (UBP) polled 31.1% of the vote, while the Turkish Republican party, (CTP), got 22.3%.

Former chief negotiator in the Cyprus talks, Kudret Ozersay’s People’s Party, HP, got 21.2% of the vote while the Communal Democracy Party, TDP, was fourth with 11.2%.

Meanwhile, Gezici said that the survey results show that the People’s Party (HP) is the party that is affected more by the vote fluctuation in the centre. Despite the fact that Kudret Ozersay is a strong name, the party appears weak compared to the other parties. It is the first party among the undecided voters. Finally, there has been a decrease in its votes in the recent polls.

According to Gezici’s results, the DP seems unable to pass the threshold, while the TDP seems to have overcome its problems and preserves a percentage higher than 10%.

The Turkish Cypriot parties have agreed to go to early elections with January 6 as the suggested date. However, this date may by postponed because of problems with the draft new election law.

Also people were asked what concerned them the most. The results showed that the Cyprus problem was top of the list at 32.8%, Health Care – 28.1%, Cost of living – 24.3%, Unemployment – 21.4%, Traffic – 18.4%, Education – 18.1%, Partisanship – 16.4%, Inefficient Civil Service – 13.6%, Lack of state planning – 13.2%, Environment – 11.8%, Water problem  – 10.2%, Malpractice – 10.1%, Other issues – 1.68%.


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