Preparations for Derynia border crossing complete

Work for the Derynia crossing has been completed ahead of schedule, President Akinci has said.

The president said that tenders would be put out by the UN to do the work required to link up the road from each side.

There had been a disagreement about the road, where the Greek Cypriots wanted to use the existing road, possibly widening it, however, the Turkish Cypriots were concerned about security issues and wanted to build a new road bypassing a Turkish military outpost.

Last October, after months of debate, it was agreed that the old road would be used and the army outpost would be moved.

Currently residents nearby are obliged to travel 17 kilometres to the nearest crossing available at Strovilia. Once the border crossing is open, there will only be a short journey of 800 metres.

There is no fixed timetable opening the crossing. At present, residents in Derynia and surrounding areas have to travel 17 kilometres to the nearest open crossing at Strovilia/Akyar.

Last May, the two community leaders agreed to open two new crossings at Derynia in the east and Lefke in the west, as part of confidence building measures. The opening of other crossing points have also been mooted. Currently there are seven border crossings in operation.

Cyprus Mail

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