Preparations in progress for Guterres’ return to Crans-Montana

The planned meeting for this morning was cancelled at the start of the eighth day of the Cyprus Conference in Crans-Monana, Switzerland.

The meeting, which was cancelled on the request of the Turkish and Greek Cypriot sides will be held in the evening, ‘Kibris Postasi’ reports.

It was stated that the decision to cancel was taken because the two sides wanted to make preparations before UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres returns to Switzerland.

On Thursday, Guterres will attempt to make the parties at the Conference on Cyprus negotiate within a specific framework for discussion. The Secretary-General presented the package to the delegations last Friday and the package was reconfirmed on Tuesday afternoon.

An opinion piece published in the ‘Cyprus Mail’ on June 4 said that:

“UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres was never going to allow two years of talks go to waste because President Anastasiades decided he no longer wanted to play peace process, having found a new game to play – re-election. The UN had invested far too much in the drive for a settlement to give it up, pack up and go home, as Anastasiades was pushing them to do. A peace process, which achieved very significant progress, could not be left at the mercy of an irresponsible and scheming politician that thinks he can switch it off when it does not suit his personal agenda.”

Meanwhile, ‘Cyprus Weekly’ writes that the UNSG has identified the following elements:

  • On security we have to recognise the need for a new security regime, not a continuation.
  • We need to end the right of intervention and the Treaty of Guarantee.
  • They need to be replaced by a new system of assurances so that all Cypriots feel secure.
  • A new implementation mechanism will be created that will also involve elements outside Cyprus.
  • Guarantors cannot monitor the implementation of their own obligations.

On troops there should be a reduction from day 1 and then a gradual withdrawal with an agreed timetable to reach the numbers of the old Treaty of Alliance.

On territory the Turkish Cypriot side needs to adjust the map regarding some localities (Greek Cypriots interpret this as referral to the Guzelyurt/Morphou area).

On property two principles need to be observed:

1. In territorial adjustment areas the regime must give prevalence to the dispossessed owners, but not 100%.

2. For the other areas, the regime must give prevalence to the users, but not 100%.

On equivalent treatment: as regards the permanent residents, Turkish nationals will have a quota that should be equitable. Further discussion is needed on what is ‘equitable’.

On effective participation: the issue needs to be discussed further with regard to the issue of a ‘weighted vote’, as well as when and under what circumstances it will be exercised.

Other remaining elements in power-sharing including the rotating presidency should be discussed as demanded by the Turkish Cypriots (according to a 2:1 ratio).

Kibris Postasi, Cyprus Mail, Cyprus Weekly

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