Presence of guarantors in NY helping security negotiations

The two sides in Cyprus are holding meetings in New York where the guarantor countries for Cyprus are also present at the highest level. This creates the necessary climate for reaching a solution on the issue of security and guarantees, Turkish Cypriot daily ‘Havadis’ reports.

The paper, citing diplomatic sources, writes that the public statements made on the issue of guarantees do not match the statements made “behind closed doors”. ‘Havadis’ writes that, despite the fact that President Anastasiades described the system of guarantees during his speech on the UN General Assembly as “out of date and unacceptable”, hopeful developments are taking place backstage.

According to the same sources, during the meeting between officials from the UK, Greece, Turkey and the UN, opinions that could be accepted by both sides in Cyprus were discussed. Noting that the ideas discussed must be further developed, the paper writes that diplomatic sources have said that “a formula can be found if there is will”.

The paper also reports that during the meetings Akinci held yesterday, the schedule of the next phase of the negotiations was discussed, adding that both Turkey and Greece “are open to creative ideas on the issues of security and guarantees”.

The same diplomatic sources describes the statements made by the Greek Cypriot side on the issue as intended to diminish the reactions of the “rejection front” in the Greek Cypriot community, which worries that the negotiations are progressing “too fast”.


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