Anastasiades asks for more funding

President Anastasiades has sent a letter today, to the Presidents of the European Parliament, the European Council, the European Commission and the Irish Prime Minister, asking for more funding and other forms of aid in order to help cope with the impact of the economic and financial crisis in the South.

Government spokesman, Christos Stylianides told journalists that the Conclusions of the European Council of 8 February 2013, concerning the Multiannual Financial Framework 2014-2020, provide for the granting of additional assistance to those member states which have suffered serious consequences from the economic crisis in the eurozone and which have directly affected their prosperity level.

In this context, he said, South Cyprus has made a request through the letters of the President of South Cyprus, to secure additional funds for South Cyprus from the EU Cohesion Policy and the EU Rural Development.

The government, he added, will do its utmost to secure additional resources for financing the areas of development and social cohesion.

In this effort, he continued, the role of the European Parliament is extremely important. He explained that the government will inform the Greek Cypriot political parties about this initiative and will request their assistance to promote the just demand of South Cyprus in all European institutions.

“In this national struggle for the recovery of our economy, all of us should join forces and exploit all possibilities in order to give back hope to our society and the people of [South] Cyprus”, he concluded.

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