President Anastasiades takes 25% pay cut

The new Greek Cypriot President, Nikos Anastasiades chose his cabinet and they were sworn in yesterday.

During the ceremony, it was announced that the President and all ministers would take a 25% reduction in salaries. The first meeting of the Council of Ministers ratified this agreement.

Mr Anastasiades gave a short speech during the ceremony and said that he expected his ministers to work hard and collectively. Only in that way would they achieve their objectives. He said that, “citizens were expecting a lot from us, if we work together, I have no doubt that we will discharge our responsibilities”.

In response, the spokesman for the ministers, Foreign Minister Ioannis Kasulidis said that there would be zero tolerance of bad government. Kasulidis also said that the ministers were aware that Mr Anastisiades has voluntarily decided on a 25% reduction in his salary. The ministers had decided to follow his example with similar paycuts.

At the first Council of Ministers, also held yesterday, Mr Anastasiades said that he was determined to succeed. He distributed copies of the latest Court of Auditors’ report and said that each minister should review the section for their own department and come back with recommendations within three months.

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