President Anastasiades writes to President Eroglu

Greek Cypriot leader Anastasiades has sent a letter to TRNC President Eroglu, outlining his thoughts on the negotiations of the Cyprus talks.

His main message is that there should be extensive preparation to ensure the success of the talks. This letter is in response to one sent by Mr Eroglu congratulating Mr Anastasiades on winning the recent Greek Cypriot presidential elections.

In his letter, Mr Anastasiadis says that he has many ideas already on the process. However he does say that he does not see an early start to preparations adding that the current economic difficulties of the South need to be addressed first.

Separately, the Greek Cypriot press is reporting that Mr Ioannis Kasulidis, the Foreign Minister, will be responsible for the negotiations. However this is yet to be confirmed by the Greek Cypriot National Council.

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