President has final swipe at Prime Minister

President Eroglu made a final attack on Prime Minister Kucuk yesterday.

He outlined his version of events over the past years and then, at the end of a long and detailed account, said that this would be his last pronouncement on the matter.

He concluded by saying that he would do his job and he hoped that Mr Kucuk would do his.

During his announcement, Mr Eroglu outlined the many setbacks that Mr Kucuk had had in his political career, including being thrown out of the UBP party and entering other parties unsuccessfully.

According to Mr Eroglu, he virtually placed Mr Kucuk as leader of the UBP and Prime Minister. However within six months Mr Kucuk, he claims, turned round to bite the hand that fed him.

Mr Eroglu feels that Mr Kucuk has conveniently “forgotten” those events.

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