President Tatar Blasts British High Commissioner

British High Commissioner to Cyprus - Irfan Siddiq
[British High Commissioner to Cyprus – Irfan Siddiq]
President Ersin Tatar has denounced the British High Commissioner to Southern Cyprus Irfan Siddiq for claiming that the TRNC would never be recognised, Turkish Daily Sabah reported.

The British High Commissioner has no right to interfere in our internal affairs in any way. We have the support of the Turkish nation behind us“, Tatar told Anadolu Agency (AA).

Siddiq said in an interview with a newspaper that: “The Turkish Cypriot leadership needs to be very clear. What do they want? If their position is ‘sovereign equality and equal international status,’ that cannot be granted. Then what will you offer to your people? Recognition of the TRNC? That’s not likely either. You will not be able to get two states accepted“.

Tatar emphasised that Siddiq is in “no position to give advice or counsel to the Turkish Cypriots and the leadership of the TRNC“.

He said that Siddiq’s statements aimed to tilt the balance in favour of Britain in the Eastern Mediterranean.

There will be no turning back on the federation issue, and the TRNC will continue to exist as a Turkish state in the Blue Homeland of the Eastern Mediterranean forever, and no one can prevent this“, said Tatar.

He reiterated that the prerequisites for commencing negotiations with Southern Cyprus are sovereign equality and equal international status.

Additionally, in a written statement, Turkish Cypriot Foreign Minister Tahsin Ertuğruloğlu also strongly reacted to Siddiq’s remarks.

Ertuğruloğlu said that Siddiq had “exceeded both diplomatic and etiquette boundaries by interfering in the internal affairs of the TRNC“.

Daily Sabah

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