Presidential election results will influence negotiations

CTP General Secretary Kutlay Erk has said that the Cyprus negotiations have gained momentum, however, the Presidential elections in the North and the upcoming elections in Turkey are aspects which will shape the new process.

In a CTP press office release, Erk was assessing recent developments and also criticisms of President Eroglu with regard to his policies on Cyprus.

He said that there were “hopeful developments” on overcoming the deadlock in the Cyprus talks, the meetings in Europe and Eide’s visit to the island. He was critical, however of Eroglu’s policies over the past 5 years which, he said, had wasted the Turkish Cypriot’s time at the negotiating table.

Erk said that despite announcing that he would be carrying on from where his predecessor Talat had left off, Eroglu had done the opposite and played the “no solution is a solution” game. This only had served to strengthen Anastasiades’ hand, Erk maintained.

He went on to say that the results of the Presidential elections on 19th April would make the difference between a solution and a non-solution to the Cyprus problem.

Kibrisi Postasi

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