Presidential Elections Begin Tomorrow

North Cyprus News - VoteThe presidential elections will be held tomorrow. At the same time there will be a referendum regarding constitutional amendments.

There are 11 candidates, seven of whom are independent. Voters can make their preference known at the time as taking part in the referendum for constitutional amendments which aim to increase the number of Supreme Court judges.

Presidential Candidates

The names of the 11 presidential candidates are as follows:

Ersin Tatar (National Unity Party)

Tufan Erhürman (Republican Turkish Party)

Erhan Arıklı (Rebirth Party) 

Fuat Çiner (Nationalist Democracy Party) 

Arif Salih Kırdağ (Independent) 

Ahmet Boran (Independent) 

Mustafa Ulaş (Independent) 

Alpan Uz (Independent)

Kudret Özersay (Independent)

Mustafa Akıncı (Independent)

Serdar Denktaş (Independent) 

Polling stations open at 8pm on Sunday

Voting will begin at 8pm tomorrow and ends at 6pm.

The results are expected to be announced at 22:00.


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