Presidents agree to speed up opening of border crossings

President Mustafa Akinci has had a telephone conversation with President Nicos Anastasiades in an effort to speed up the opening of Derynia and Aplic border crossing points.

According to a press release from President Akinci’s office, prior to the phone conversation with Anastasiades, Akinci held a meeting yesterday morning at his office, upon his request, with officials from the UNDP-PFF, EU support office and UNFICYP.

Present at the meeting were, presidential officials, the undersecretary of the foreign ministry and co-chairman of the technical committee for crossing points Mustafa Lakadamyali, UNDP-PFF Director Tiziana Zennaro, UNFICYP’s senior adviser Lynn Hastings and the head of the EU support office, Alessandro Bianciardi.

The issue of speeding up the process of the road construction tender by the UNDP, in order to enable the opening of Derynia and Aplic crossing points was discussed. President Akinci asked the UN and EU officials to take the necessary steps immediately, in order to send out, without any further delay, the UNDP road tender, which is the final step before the opening of both crossing points.

During the phone conversation, Akinci and Anastasiades confirmed their agreement to speed up the opening process of both border crossings.

Kibris Gazetesi

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